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dimanche 23 septembre 2012

Doctor Who - Review: Pond Life


I'm a bit late, but meh - better late than never.

I watched those 5 wonderful mini-episodes with delight. The first 4 are really funny (even though I found the Ood on the loo as ridiculous as comical, and I don't like ridiculous-comical very much), the 5th is more on the sad side but as it's all solved in Asylum of the Daleks (which I saw before), it's all good.

I love how the Doctor keeps in touch with the Ponds, he really ought to do that with every companions!

Pond Life 1
Of course the Doctor being the Doctor, he does unbelievable things. And just because he's got images to back up his tales doesn't mean that he isn't lying! But he's got that way of telling a story: who cares if half of it is false or exaggerated, it might not even be, but anyway we're hooked to what he's telling. And I'll cheer with the Ponds at the end of the episode every time I'll watch it!

Pond Life 2
Again being very much himself, the Doctor fails to be on time - meaning that he's too early. Poor Ponds, woken up in the middle of the night for nothing ("We have a rule about the bedroom !" ) and all they get is a vague promise saying that "the future is very... very safe" from a guilt-faced Doctor who will be back soon... Yeah, try going back to sleep after that.

Pond Life 3
I just love Rory in this! Absolutely brilliant! He wakes up, goes to the loo and... what a shock that must be!

Pond Life 4
I actually I think I'd cope a lot better that them if I had my personal Ood doing all the chores and cooking :D No no no, I'm not for slavery, but after all, they like it, even the Doctor says so...

Pond Life 5
Not as funny that one - but I love a bit of drama. It's even better after having watched Asylum of the Daleks and knowing what the problem is and how it ends. But even without that - silly Doctor, deleting THE message that could have saved a lot of tears between Amy and Rory!

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