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jeudi 23 juillet 2009

Rubies of Eventide... the end..?

I'm a developper for the MMORPG Rubies of Eventide. It's an old game that as suffered a lot of drama over the past few months, but keeps struggling to stay alice in spite of bad odds.

I was so happy a few weeks ago when we updated the servers with new content, it was my first update and I was proud of the work accomplished!

Then I was also so happy at the end of last week, a lot of work had been done on long awaited functionalities, development has stabilized and we were ready to put that under heavy test and prepare the next update.

But then Drama striked again :(

The game is closed since wednesday very ealry monring (considering that it was ~3am for the ppl who closed it when they did) and we are now in a 'wait-and-see' state...

It is time to pray our Vormisian go(esse)s!
  • Erosis, Godess of Life: definitivly one to pray now, for the survival of the game
  • Arista, Godess of Nature: she have to protect the lands of Vormis
  • Jondamar, God of Travel: he can protect Julia and Dekker's travel to Canada (daughter and son in law of the game owner) where I hope they will find peace and happiness
  • Nor, God of Industry: the game needs money, who better than the God of Industry to help?
  • Simri, Godess of Thought: let her guid Marc's though (the game owner) to the right path!
  • Ralix, God of destruction: might be a good idea not to disturb him at this point...
  • Chalik, Godess of Oaths: she likes justice, and it can't be fair for Vormis to disapear!
  • Sashos, God of Death: let him put Death on our ennemies!

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