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lundi 3 août 2009

Rubies of Eventide... the end

This time it is offical, it's the end.

I'm sad, angry, and happy.

Sad, because I loved the game and the friends I made there. I love make new content for the game. Development was going smoothly and it's really sad to see those past few months of work go to waste.

Angry, at the dishonesty of the people who choose to shut down the game. They can say whatever they want, it never looked like they were doing their best to save the game, but it did look like they were trying there best to kill it.

Now, this is only my opinion, and if it is wrong and I just missed the signs of their good doings, then I apologize. Nothing worse than working hard for something and hear people say that you did nothing.

But serioulsy, when you are really concerned, you don't ban people at sight just because they opposes you.
You don't wait till the last minute before saying that the game has financial problems and it suddenly becomes urgent to find a solution (true the financial problems were known. But not made official enough ).
You don't say on your blog (knowing full well that players will read it) that you don't understand the fools that play this game and thinks that their so-called community is great (ok maybe you didn't say it that way, but that's how I remmeber it). You don't say that MMORPG killed the game industry (though I agree with that) and then act as if you were trying to save a MMORPG.
You don't wait for weeks to remove the virus that is present on your website.
You don't shut down the website domain so no one can log in game/forums.
You don't close access to the game without even warning the admins.
You don't close the game without even warning the admins. This is petty.
You don't post the game status at the most official place (the official website, the one infected by a virus) knowing full well that (because it is infected by a virus) people will avoid going there. Instead, or as a complement, you go post where people really are: the forums.
You don't complain that there is no domantions when you threaten to close the game every two weeks. It goes old quickly and why would people donate for something that can go 'poof' any second?
And if you find that the new development are 'not too outrageous', then ask yourself if you shouldn't be more invested in your project (yes I took that one as a direct insult toward me and the rest of the dev team). Or close it. Oh wait, that's what was done.

In short, at the moment the owners look in my eyes as:
- petty people
- cowards
- liars

I won't post that in any official site. I don't mind about my opinion being known atm, but at the same time, that kind of shouts of anger has done very little good to the game those past 6 months. I beleive that no one knows this blog, so it's a good place for me to releive my anger without consequencies. Really, all that it is is a shout of anger toward the people I hold responsible for the game's dismise. Am I right or wrong, at this point I don't care. But if I am wrong, then I'll gladly be proven so (in a few days) and apologize.

Happy, because it will be a new begining. Most of the staff is ready to start something new. If it can be done, then the community will survive, and it is what was best about the game.

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